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Did you know 42% of mortgages reviewed by the auditors used have identified potential discrepancies of £15,000 or more!*

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Operating since 2009, Financial Claims Advisory Service Limited, our staff have helped tens of thousands of clients reclaim millions in refunds.**

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We offer a no-obligation service to review your mortgage account at no cost to you. All cases taken on by the solicitors we work with require potential discrepancies at a minimum of £15,000! So start the process today and let us find out if you could be owed a refund.

How We Work

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    Complete our online application process which requires you to sign our Authority to Act form to allow us to get the ball rolling under our free, no obligation review service.

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    Requesting your documentation

    We write to your mortgage provider requesting a copy of all documentation relating to the mortgage account from application stage until redemption (or current day if still active).

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    When the mortgage file has been received the account is reviewed in full by independent auditors to assess grounds for pursuing a potential refund relating to mis-sale or the account being overcharged.

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    If a reason for a refund is identified, you have the option to pursue a claim with the solicitors we use. They are independent and have their own T&C's that require signing before a claim can be initiated. Solicitors will charge a fee.

FCAS Limited do not charge you for our services. Our service is a non-obligatory, free assessment of your account. We are paid a referral fee at the point at which your claim is escalated to the Solicitors.

You do not need to use a Claims Management Company to make a complaint to your mortgage provider and if your complaint is not successful you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free.

What will the auditors be looking for:

Your account will be reviewed for regulatory breaches, mis-sale and mis-calculation.

  • Been in mortgage arrears/ever missed a payment

  • Mortgage taken out between January 2005 and November 2014

  • Mis-advised at the point of sale

  • Taken out an interest-only mortgage

  • Mortgage ran for 6 years or more and was not closed more than 5.5 years ago


If you’ve ever missed a payment / had arrears on your mortgage, then you could have overpaid as a result of misallocated payments or interest rate errors.

You could also be a victim of mortgage overpayment even if you’ve never missed a payment.

Simply complete our online application and we will obtain your mortgage file and the auditors will assess your mortgage account and to establish if there is a potential basis for a claim. In the case that a potential claim is identified, we will then introduce you to a solicitor who may be able to pursue your case.

FCAS Limited do not charge you for our services. Our service is a non-obligatory, free assessment of your account. We are paid a referral fee at the point at which your claim is escalated to the Solicitors.

If your case is successful after you have agreed for the solicitor to take it on, the solicitor will charge you for their services by deducting a percentage of your compensation. Typically, customers pay 30% (25% + VAT) of the sum recovered but legal expenses may also be deducted, this is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Solicitor, which will be made available to you before you make a decision whether to proceed.

In the event that previous liabilities exist, any sum recovered may be offset against these existing liabilities. In the instance that arears present exceed the sum recovered – you will where necessary be required to pay the fee, including the insurance premium, from your own funds.

To enable the auditors to fully assess your account, all parties to the mortgage will need to sign a letter of authority. This ensures that key information is not redacted by the lender when they supply us with the information needed to make an assessment.

Please also be aware that all parties to the mortgage will need to be a party to any claim that the solicitors we work with will take on following the free assessment”

Yes, if the mortgage ended within the last 5.5 years, we can still review the account. All we need are a few details relating to your mortgage and we’ll do the rest. There is no need to search through your old paperwork for obscure reference numbers! If your provider no longer holds copies of your file then we will try to establish if you have any of the essential documents that we would need to investigate a claim.

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